Why the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Could be Worse Than the First

The Coronavirus Won’t Go Away for Good

Evidence suggests the coronavirus is seasonal. The warmer months may offer us reprieve from the chaos. South American countries like Argentina and Chile have a very low case count, since they’re at the tail end of summer. As the first wave tapers out through April and June, we should not grow complacent. The coronavirus is too easily transmitted to go away for good. If we refer to history for guidance, we’ll find that a virus’s second wave can be worse than the first. Let’s turn to the Spanish Flu to see what we might expect from the coronavirus.

The Second Wave of the Spanish Flu Was Deadlier Than the First

to World War I. As many as fifty million people, including 675,000 Americans, died over the course of two years. The second wave, which occurred in the fall of 1918, was especially deadly. The virus originally surfaced in an army base in Kansas. While highly contagious, mortality rates were comparable to those of the seasonal flu. That all changed as troops deployed to Europe spread a mutated virus to England, France, Spain, and Italy.

The mutated H1N1 virus was far deadlier. It was also indiscriminate. Young, middle, aged, and the elderly were all at risk of contracting the Spanish Flu. With medical personnel on the battlefield, there were fewer healthcare workers to care for the sick. These days, healthcare is far superior to what it was during the early 20th century. However, we’re clearly incapable of preventing a pandemic. Can we avoid the grim reality that befell those contending with the Spanish Flu?

The Virus Will Kick Us While We’re Down

A Vaccine Is Our Only Hope of Killing It

How can we finally put the coronavirus in the rear-view mirror? Pharmacological intervention. A vaccine is the only way we can get rid of COVID-19 for good. Again, the coronavirus is too easily transmissible to disappear after this year’s flu season. We need the pharmaceutical industry to eliminate COVID-19 the same way it eliminated smallpox, polio, and the measles. Yes, I understand that those casting doubt on the efficacy of vaccines are leading to a resurgence in otherwise extinct diseases, but I won’t touch upon this here. Funding and research partnerships are needed to accelerate the pace at which this vaccine is developed. Then, and only then, can we feel confident moving passed COVID-19.

Be Prepared to Ride the Second Wave

I’d hate to see my readers come up for air, only to be knocked back down by the second wave. Prepare yourself now. Otherwise, you may be washed away with others who thought the worst was over. If history serves as a guide, the troubles are only just beginning.

Originally posted at: https://bunkerbasics.com/coronavirus-second-wave/



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