Self-Sufficient Living: How Preppers Can Learn to Become Independent

Do Not Rely Solely on the Government for Help

Feed Yourself Without Going to the Grocery Store

The coronavirus pandemic, similarly, has placed a strain on our food supply. Supply chains are disrupted, grocery stores are short on inventory, and food delivery services are discontinued. By learning how to hunt for and grow your own food, you can better guarantee your food security throughout crises. Additionally, homesteading will save you money in the long run. When food is in short supply, prices increase. If you are hunting for and growing your own food supply, you’ll be immune to the economic consequences of a large scale food supply shortage.

Protect Your Finances During Crises

If you live off of a salary, then you’re not self-sufficient. You’re operating at the whim of your employer. It’s important that you diversify your income streams, so you can grow less dependent on that paycheck. Focus on monetizing your skills and capitalizing on some of the remote work people are finding. The more ways in which you bring in the money, the less reliant you are on any one income stream. The best way to protect your finances is to diversify them.

Additionally, it’s important to save what you can while you can. Very few individuals and companies alike have financial buffers. Build your buffer, which can serve as an umbrella on a rainy day.

Educate Yourself About Risks and Mitigation Strategies

Understanding global risks isn’t just a matter of staying on top of current events. It’s also a matter of studying history. History, as you know, tends to repeat itself. Financial crises are cyclical. Geopolitical and religious tensions occasionally escalate to a full-blown war. Learn how past crises emerged and what was done to recover from them. You’ll never be certain about what risks are most likely to manifest. You can, however, develop response plans to different crises. Governments don’t always have these plans in place. Self-sufficient preppers definitely do.

Train Yourself to Survive Through a SHTF Event

We therefore need to train ourselves to survive through a SHTF event. Basic knowledge of survival medicine, self defense, and foraging are all great places to start. As mentioned above, our plans should be tailored to the SHTF event we’re preparing for. The better trained we are, the more self-sufficient we can be.

Learning to Become Self-Sufficient is the Best Protection from Crises

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