How to Be a Prepper in the City

Living in the Big Apple Without Getting Eaten Alive

SHTF Events are Rare. Focus on the High Probability Preps

My wife carries pepper spray in her purse. I have a tactical knife on me while walking my dog. These aren’t pricy preps. If you want to learn how to be a prepper in the city, then you must start with your personal safety. Whether you’re male or female, there’s always a small risk of being harmed when going out. Watch out for bikers, construction, and cars running through red lights. Don’t get too drunk if you’re walking around alone. These tips may be obvious to some, but I’ve known people to get too comfortable living in the city. Comfort breeds complacency. The complacent are vulnerable.

If SHTF, Do You Have a Long Term Plan?

One of the most important aspects of an escape plan is time. Most of us think about short term escape plans. But again, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been eradicated. Do you have a long term SHTF plan? Are you prepared to adapt to a completely different lifestyle? Few people wondering how to be a prepper in the city realize that adaptability is a necessity. If you’re unwilling to move, then you need to learn to roll with what life throws at you. The city you moved to won’t be the same city in the midst of a SHTF event. Prepare to adapt.

Work With What You’ve Got

Do You Now Know How to Be a Prepper in the City?

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